Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here is the address exactly how it should appear. Aubrey I can't wait for those cookies.

Kiron Gaikwad,
Behind Kinetic Showroom,
Giri Nagar,
Yavatmal - 445001


Chelle and Mel said...

Sweetness...we are going to be sending you something, what is that band we like to listen to? What is their name?

Cake Face Clothing said...

..."Behind Kinetic Showroom..."

Lmfao! Sweet address man

p r e s t o n said...

duh, they're called stratoshpere.

Auntie Dawna said...

kyle . . . are you SURE that if we send you something to this address, you'll get it?!? lol!! Do you know how long it takes to get stuff you? We've got snow here in Pullman! Lots and lots of it! It's about 5 degrees outside right now... I'll trade our snow for your sun! love ya lots! auntie d